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Insurance products available

Motor Vehicle Insurance

This provides reliable and comprehensive protection for your Motor vehicles/cycles against accidental damage, theft and fire along with motor third party insurance which guards against liabilities that may be caused by motorists to other road users.

Burglary Insurance

This policy insures that break-in robbers cannot cause permanent damage or loss of your residential commercial premises and property since insurance indemnifies you for such losses. 

Medical Insurance

Takes care of hospitalisation expenses including maternity expenses, outpatient expenses with dental and optical extensions. This service may also be tailored to include chronic and pre-existing conditions including HIV/AIDS, Diabetes & Cancer treatment.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This is a mandatory cover which pays out claims for injury or death for employees on duty. All employers are obligated by law to take this cover for their employees. 

Fire Insurance

This policy protects your home or commercial property from the risk of fire, lightning explosion, earthquakes, floods, storm tempest and malicious damage, etc. It can be extended to cover Political and Terrorism risks.

Education Endowment Policy

This policy is designed to provide school fees after a pre-agreed term during which period premiums are paid by the parent/guardian. 

Aviation Insurance

This policy covers financial losses arising from accidental damage to aircrafts. It also covers legal liability to third parties and passengers.

Public Liability Insurance

This will help you get protection from legal liability for third party damage or persons injured on your property.

Marine Cargo Insurance

It safeguards goods that are being transported on water, road or air.

Crop, Fishing and Livestock Insurance

This covers you against fire, floods, livestock and unforeseen calamities.

Group Life Insurance

This provides lump sum payment to dependants of employees who die from any cause during the period of insurance.

Money Insurance

Money Insurance safe guards you from financial ruin caused by robbery of cash at your premises and in transit.

Retirement Benefit Scheme

Saving for retirement is easy, but saving enough to maintain your living standards after you stop working, can be a challenge, with inflation eating away at your precious nest egg. Our retirement annuities solution offers you an efficient way to save for your golden years.

All Risk Insurance

This will protect everything from office equipment to your portable personal effects from fire, accidental damages or theft.

Electronic Equipment Policy

It covers you comprehensively against material damage to your computers and other electronic equipment. An extension can be made to include any increased cost of work arising due to damage to the hardware and loss of data.